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MIDSUMMER bacchanalia

So quick bright things come to confusion.

William Shakespeare // A Midsummer Night's Dream

Today is the loooongest day in the northern hemisphere. The summer solstice is not only about the amount of time the sun is shining but also about magic, folklore deja vus, nature forces, and crafts.

For our old folks, the warmness of the blooming season and the sun at its highest were very triggering. Nature's transformations couldn't stay unheeded by multilateral human imagination. Thus, this magic time became a fruitful space for various myths and rituals.

On Midsummer Night, the boundaries between our reality and the upsidedown world are the thinnest. Many filthy and mean spirits use the opportunity to lurk around and commit evil. It is believed that the holy fire and smoke could drive away malevolent creatures from good people, their souls, and their assets.

Since we have a witches' background at LADY BREWERY, we decided to look into modern ways to honor the Summer solstice.


Put some words on the paper to move on from the past. Bury, drown it, or burn it....whatever, the magic of the day is on your side.


Find your energy roots in nature. Go for a walk, become a local crazy tree lady for a moment, hike the mountain, or lay on a lava field.


Cheer your pagan history and experience pleasure. Choose LADY's summer drinks like Dream Baby Dream or Loksins Loksins, which are the best match for summer experiments.


When all gates are open, it is the best time to bring your thoughts into reality. Use some time for mindful practices and transfer your intentions into your goals.


Bless your inner witches!

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